Drawn by: Larkin Wynn

Words are my coin and confetti. I fling them around, primarily in celebration. Of life, both its amplitudes and vicissitudes. Of love, of course.  And of any and every experience that deepens the experience of both.

I am born of the American Century, but aspire to be a citizen of the world.

I was christened an Episcopal, but wandered off to the ends of the earth to end up a Buddhist now.

I am blessed with two daughters, who are my wings as well as my stars.  To behold a beloved lover as well, well... that gift just keeps me perpetually punch-drunk in any given present moment.

I have no resume to really speak of, and I have finally figured out how to be proud of that.

Everything I thought was a failure - like dropping out of not one, not two, but three graduate programs - reveal themselves now to be the fortuitous drips and spills from many beneficent cups overflowing.

Many things that many people think to be such successes - like participating in politics and philanthropy and the like - now have mercifully chewed me up and spit me out, and lightened my load in the passing indigestion.

Now, I am light-hearted indeed. The only weight I bear is a pen. Three years of writing columns in Austin, Texas, afforded me the chance to hear what others think of how I think, and therefore learned that the best things I have to offer are words of encouragement.  So, with my blog, The Practiced Accident, I am unfolding the many crooks in the path of one soul in hopes of heartening the footsteps of any others.

I aspire simply to stuff bunches of scrappy ink-stained paper covered with broad brushstrokes of introspection and reverie into the cannon of my heart each day and then fire away.

That's about it, or about me.  Just, Thank You for being here!

Anne Elizabeth